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Golf 3D


3D高爾夫是世界上最刺激的高爾夫遊戲,擁有眾多絢麗逼真的3D高爾夫球場。每個用戶都可以在自己的手機上開始一段有趣又刺激的高爾夫之旅。它簡單易上手,但是又難於精通,你將會完全著迷於它豐富的遊戲玩法。立即輕彈指尖來個一桿進洞吧!玩法說明:1. 左右滑動屏幕以調整相機視角2. 輕彈指尖擊球3. 當球飛行在空中時,傾斜手機以改變球的運行軌跡
遊戲特色:- 生涯模式和時間挑戰模式- 多個絢麗3D視覺效果的高爾夫球場- 眾多精心設計的成就
Golf 3D is the world's most exciting golf game with stunning 3D golf courses. Everyone can join in this fun and exciting golf adventure game on your cell phone. It’s simple to play, but a real challenge to master and you’ll be totally addicted to the numerous game plays. Now flick your finger and make a hole in one.
How to Play:1. Swipe to adjust the camera view2. Flick your finger to hit the ball3. Tilt your device to shift the ball while it is in the air
Game Features:- Career mode and Time Attack mode- Multiple golf courses with stunning 3D visual effects- Numerous well designed achievements